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What is Kun.Ai?


Our AI isn’t here to chat — it’s here to get work done.

Kun.AI is a complete business process automation platform that’s capable of interacting with the tools, spreadsheets, and documents that your business runs on. We’re powered by the industry’s first Large Business Process Language Model (LBPLM).

Kun.AI performs tasks autonomously, without being asked, cajoled, or prompted. You define what needs to be done, and how it should be done, and it gets done. It isn’t an employee. It’s not a robot overlord. It’s intelligent automation done right.

natural language instruction

In the Business Process Editor, write step-by-step instructions and guidelines as easily as you would write instructions for a new employee.

No code, no obstacles

Enable the whole team to take control of automations previously gatekept by software engineering teams and Zapier wizards. If there are tasks that can be explained, the tasks can be automated.

risk aware intelligence

Our system proactively notifies operators of ambiguities, contradictions, and difficulties in business process instructions before automations operate on your business data.

continually improving

Kun.AI adapts to your business with our per-tenant continual learning engine. Provide supervision and instruction to the system just as you would a new hire, and it learns and improves.

real world use cases

project management
Kun.AI is keeping tickets up-to-date by automating many of the routine tasks surrounding stale tickets and project updates.
document understanding
Kun.AI is used to maintain multiple business-critical spreadsheets, requiring reading of both PDFs and email items.
Research and reporting
Kun.AI can cut down time to delivery for competitive analysis from one month to one day.
rule enforcement
Kun.AI enforces policy and practices by reviewing and flagging emails according to legal policy.

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